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Access Control And CCTV Solutions

Oswin is the leading supplier of CCTV, Access Control and related electronic security systems in UAE. We supplies an extensive range of CCTV and Access Control equipment from internationally acclaimed manufacturers such as Panasonic,Samsung , Hikvision, IP tec to name but a few.

These manufacturers specialize in high-quality, cutting-edge electronic security equipment such as cameras, digital video recorders, network video recorders, encoders, video transmission, monitors and CCTV and Access Control accessories. Oswin complete technical support , product installations, testing ,commissioning and system design.
We offer cameras that can be placed virtually anywhere out of the public eyes so that the people are not aware of its existence. We had the capability and experience to research, design and develop CCTV systems specific to your needs. Our solutions of Analog CCTV and IP-based cameras have established them as proven and secure solutions for remotely monitoring property and people.